Management of Suppliers


Control of products purchased

Notifications to the supplier

Evaluation of suppliers

Control of nonconformities

Ranking of the best suppliers



By registering the criteria for selection and evaluation of suppliers, the manager formalizes what is important to the company. In this step are also registered the products and services of each supplier, facilitating the control of the procurement process.


To assist the Manager in the evaluation of the characteristics of products and services, BUY ensures the quality of the production process from the beginning. In case of nonconformity products and services, BUY sends the supplier an e-mail about the deviation identified.


When evaluating its suppliers through the registered criteria, the Manager promotes the continuous improvement of the supply chain. Using graphics, BUY presents the performance of each supplier, facilitating analysis and management of them.


I'm having trouble with a supplier that doesn't fulfill Deadlines for delivery. How should I proceed?

In the buy you have a history of all product inspections and supplier evaluations, In this case you can open a non conformance to the direct vendor of the system. The supplier receives the report with the evaluation of its performance and with all the criteria that you should meet to meet your company and with a deadline to respond to non conformity.

How do I evaluate providers who are service providers?

With the buy, evaluating providers of service providers is much more practical. First you will define which criteria to select vendors, then you will define service inspection criteria and then evaluate them periodically according to these criteria, as instructs the ISO standard 9001.

What measures can I take to ensure that the products/ Services purchased meet the specified requirements?

The buy allows you to register the criteria for acceptance of the products and services purchased. To Use the Buy for inspection of the products and services purchased by your company, you ensure they are inspected and received as desired. When a product/service not according to the desired, buy allows you to send the vendor a message. Informing about the deviation identified during product/service inspection provided.


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